Sunday, February 17, 2008

VALENTINES spend it the right way

Hey Guys its me again, yes that is a catchy title is'nt it!!?! Well it should be coming from a younger ( unwedd) Brother ( and older to some) . ANd I won't disapoint !!! AnD yes I dO have bad GrammAr and SpeLling habitS!!!!!!!!! SO my advice is ingenius because I am a novice to this holiday, for in the past I have proudly ( every year until now) celebrated Single Awareness Day, and have spent the day morning the deaths of 5 gang members that rivaled (know as the North side Gang) Al Capone back in the days prohibition, this event was know as the St Valentines day Massacre. SO ANYWAYS............

On with my sound advice, its very simple! It is this : buy a present for your significant other that both Parties ( the giver and the receiver ) will benefit!! And thats it!! simple, take it as you will, I hope to remember it in the future!! ( I went Flying for my V-DAY, a much better alternative to thinking about dead Gangsters, no Sierra not rappers, real gangsters;-)


A good spot for a possible landing

Banking a 45 over the tree tops

And people go all the way to Ireland to see Emerald Hills!!

Pre/PostFlight Checks