Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ya So I realized the last Blog defnitely was'nt apropraite to show young nefews
so maybe this will be a better

The snow is the top of Mount Everest, and those are the

skids to a Eurecil A-Star Helicopter, making it the highest helicopter landing

on earth!! ( a Record impossible to Break!!!)

Helicopters hard at work on opening the new Pure black diamond ski area near crystal!!!! Sikorsky 500 Super Stallion ( the same type used in trasformers)

This is DNR's ( dep. of nat. recourses) #0 Fire Fighter, they have

4 Huey's and 3 Cobras in their fleet.

First ground school lesson ( in a Apache longbow!!)

Copailis Beach, just north of Ocean shores

Runway 27 of the Hoquiam airport

Over Capital Peak, Black hills ( just west of Olympia)

The Chehalis river

just over Tumwater

Its just a great shot, could'nt help my self to not showing it again!!

This is the Ducati of Helicopters, its a McDonald Douglass 500E,
or just MD 500E

Monday, November 19, 2007

Spyder Lake Trip

somethings never change

Some 380 Ft. High, making it the highest train bridge in America!!

Vantage point

Wet Sexy Legs!!!! ( the ones with red hair)

Merry and Pippin would'nt do this even if they had been drinkin from Pints!!!

Harrison Ford Don't got nothin!!

Hey everyone !!! ( you go when you gotta GO!!!)

It becomes a Mist by the time it falls that 380 ft!!