Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ya So I realized the last Blog defnitely was'nt apropraite to show young nefews
so maybe this will be a better

The snow is the top of Mount Everest, and those are the

skids to a Eurecil A-Star Helicopter, making it the highest helicopter landing

on earth!! ( a Record impossible to Break!!!)

Helicopters hard at work on opening the new Pure black diamond ski area near crystal!!!! Sikorsky 500 Super Stallion ( the same type used in trasformers)

This is DNR's ( dep. of nat. recourses) #0 Fire Fighter, they have

4 Huey's and 3 Cobras in their fleet.

First ground school lesson ( in a Apache longbow!!)

Copailis Beach, just north of Ocean shores

Runway 27 of the Hoquiam airport

Over Capital Peak, Black hills ( just west of Olympia)

The Chehalis river

just over Tumwater

Its just a great shot, could'nt help my self to not showing it again!!

This is the Ducati of Helicopters, its a McDonald Douglass 500E,
or just MD 500E

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