Monday, December 20, 2010

Did it Change your life?
Someone asked me if my two year mission for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints changed my life, and without really thinking about I responded " Umm you know, it changed somethings, and the truth is that its still changing my life! " , when I said that I had a epiphany : that great things that happen to us in life, are not for that one moment when we finish them, but for future reflection.
when I say " great things" I don't only mean positive things but also hard times, experiences where faith and endurence were, and are tested, nerve that was put to the test, when pacience was stretched to the breaking point. It seems to remember times such as these gives one courage and optimism to break through other walls of adversity. And to remember these experiences is to bring a smile to ones face on a cold day, " *For memory brings Tulips of May and Roses of July to the cold and grey Decembers of life" (plus you can't ski in July ;). I look back on my mission and other Happy times ( and difficult ones too) and I'm able to learn lessons not previously learned and reminded of reactions to actions previously commited.

So Ask yourself this instead: is this Changing my life?
And thats one thing I can think of to make Life that much easier and meaningful!!

"For to Remember is a Gift"

* As quoted by Thomas S. Monson

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Joy @ Light Bulbs said...

THanks Dave. I will remember that thought.