Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Trekkie- " spock... enough said."
ME -"he is amazing, he could be friends with yoda, luke skywalker, darth vader, obiwon kenobi, and any other jedi. though they wouldn't even have to do a mind meld touch because jedi read minds across the universe, and they use "a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age" called the light saber. oh and luke flies an X-wing. millenium falcon vs. enterprise? easy lets just ask han solo what he has to say: "what'd I tell ya kid, this baby can out run the big corrillian star cruisers."I'm not gonna even start on the Death star, some even say (though falsely) "this space station will be the ultimate power in the universe." (We all know the Force is the Ultimate power.)"

(anyone else reading this can go ahead and judge me, yes I love Starwars, I'm actually wearing a Darth Vader shirt right now as I type this!)

Trekkie-" haha! you happen to wear that shirt almost every time i see you lol .. well yeah and stuff .. but also - everyone knows the bad guys in star wars can only aim well at unimportant folks. Also why have a sword when you can have a gun? The Federation vs. The Force. Skywalker wouldn't have a chance! There is more than one way to get around in star trek and somehow Han Solos ship is practically villain proof. And most importantly the Borg Queen isn't Kathryn Janeway's mother. Hehe :P :D"

Me-" who's kathryn janeway? so you know how in the most recent startrek movie the miners destroy the planet with red matter? they should have just called the empire, and borrowed the Death star. Yes the Millenium Falcon is villian proof......THATS because its the Millenium Falcon!!"

Trekkie- "Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek Voyager in 95 ..notice how is there is only 3 movies (i refuse to claim the new ones lol) look at all the air time star trek got .. the only great character in star wars is han solo whereas the whole cast of star trek is amazing !!! you have chekov, scotty, uhura, dr. mccoy, sulu, and of course kirk and spock, ,,William Shatner i mean come on william and leonard Nimoy .. i think that is case closed lol"

Me-"I've met william Shatner, he is literally unstable. yes I agree the newest episodes were not as good as the old ones but I wouldn't go as far as to say han solo is the only good character. again Darth Vader(James Earl Jones), princess leia, chewy, LANDO Calrissian!!, not to mention the C-3P0. you need to re-watch Empire strikes Back, Darth vader is possibly the meanest villian of all time!"

Me-"AND HOW CUTE ARE EWOKS?!?! cpt kirk has yet to find a cute species other than the women he seduces."

Trekkie-" agree james earl jones is a fav of mine .. however what a let down it was when they took off the mask and a puny white guy emerges .. lol .. i admit there are good points ,, but unstable or not william is very entertaining lol."

Me-"could you imagine if it would have been James Earl jones without the mask, that definitely would have been AWKWARD: "Luke I am your father" hahaha."

Trekkie-"kinda cute but in a creepy way lol .. hey what can he say the ladies love his instability lol."

Trekkie-"to boldly go where no man has gone before"

Me-"they better keep going because they haven't gotten to "a galaxy far far away."


Anjuli Fry said...

David, you are so right!!!! Star wars all the way!!! I might need to repost that on my blog, if I have permission!!!
Thanks for posting it is 11:15pm and you have me laughing and crying with your last 3 posts. (I should be working on homework or sleeping) I miss you come home brother. My boys miss you!!!!
Love you so much!!!! Keep blogging I love your perspective!

crazedwilliam said...

Yes, you can re-post if you cite me ;) or just put the link to my blog on yours... YES I know I want to get back to WA, we will see, I really am torn about this.