Thursday, December 6, 2007

Opening Day in Heaven

So near the beginning of last November I took a date to the Warren Miller film ( the date because I needed her ticket for a second free pass to ski resorts in the area, and Sierra was'nt available to go) as every good Ski Bum should, and there was no helping it, I caught a rare known ( rarely known to normal people) disease called Congelado Alpinetitis, better known as Snow fever. Symptoms: constant eagerness to check snow levels, anxiety built over no rain and warm weather, constant strain in the neck ( from looking for signs of snow), abnormal excited conversation around others with the same sickness. Alright I just really was wanting it to snow, wanting to skip work when it did and race for the mountain!!! I did'nt skip work, and I was even hesitant to race to the mountain because no one likes skiing on rocks. Then it happened Crystal anounced its opening day, and alls I needed now was just one push out the door, and it came from home sick Utahn named Daniela Chavez:

After further observation she too was suffering from the before mentioned sickness!


It was so good!!!!!

Not deep deep powder like you utah saints talk about, but the day started
out as a pretty good groomed base. we fought burning legs and strong winds( strong winds from high volacity!!!!) until noon and we hit the lodge. Lunch: David's famous tuna sandwich with tabasco sauce to defrost the Perma-grin developing from a mixture of Cold wind burns, crazy tears of joy running down your cheeks, and pure dopamine rush!!!!
While we lunched on good food, the condition ouside where getting worse, worse or Better!!! It was a literal Blizzard for about and hour and a half!! I was wondering if my Utah friend would want to call it a day, then came the question from her: your not gonna wimp out on me are you and call it a day ? NO WAY!!!!!!!! we fought high winds and growing perma-grins for two hours, then the wind stopped and the white stuff kept coming. It got to the point that because everyone else had left and the high rate of snow fall we where making first tracks every run up to our shins!!!!!

So that was it, the recommend cure for a not so dreaded disease. We stayed on the slopes until 16:30 ( 4:30 pm ) even though the ski lift was supposed to stop at 16:00 we talked ( or should I say it was my snowboarding female counterpart that did the sweet talking) our way on the last chair up, it was so quiet!! the lift operator even stopped the lift twice to mess with us!! Can you imagine? Dying from hypothermia on a ski lift? What a wonderful way to die!!!!

so ya I think I over did my quota for writing tonight!

But it was good!!!!!!!


Anjuli Fry said...

Ahh if I wasn't pregnant. The closet I will get to skiing is throwing snowballs with my boys. Oh well at least I live wear we get snow at our front door. Great Pictures!! The boys loved them.

Havalah and Brigg said...

I miss skiing. Lets go when I come home, Brigg might even come: ). oh ya, 'sweet talking' huh. : )

Pia Doran said...

I wish I had enough money.... well, I would come over,just to go skiing in that mountain!

I would love to go skiing,but there is no way to do so here in Germnay.

WEll, I will keep on dreaming....