Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Conversations with a former roommate

*Marvin- pooping to country music is really relaxing.
Me- is this kind of like Eating a Juicy Peach while in a hot shower?
Marvin- YES! and no.. I want to get one of those beer dispensing hats so I can drink hands free in the shower.
Me- water proof comic books?
Marvin- well good point, I guess you'd have to read them in the bath tub.
Me- I'm really craving a peach right now! And Otis Redding music...

Another Day (via text)

Marvin- How is the skiing?
Me- the snow is like Cocaine!
Marvin- Wow! I just played 2 guitars with a value of 200,000 between the two... SO HOT!
Me- thats nuts! how'd it feel?
Marvin- I am pretty sure sex will never compare.... just being honest....
Me-........... So costco run?
Marvin- Yep!!

*If you know any of my old roommates you'll know who "marvin" really is.


Havalah said...

nice to see that your bloggging again. So you should find that episode of Kramer (seinfield) where he does everything in the shower, he even makes his dinner in the shower and orders cloths out of a magazine because he doesn't want to get out.

crazedwilliam said...

hahaha ya I've totally seen that episode. and they all get germ phobia because of him haha